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Not a Find Lucas. Head back to the Find Lucas parts of our walkthrough to learn how to Lucaa the High-Grade Filteras well as how to get Night Visionand even our guides on how to find the Clown Key and how to find liquid nitrogen and defeat the white fat molded.

Having removed the Find Lucas from his wrist, Redfield receives intel that Lucas is hiding somewhere behind the Shield Machine located in the Central Cavern.

Now Find Lucas you have the Clown Key, head back to the Central Cavern and interact with the middle console, next to the Tape Recorder.

Make sure you save—just to be safe—and then activate the button to cause the Shield Machine to open. There are three total Fine to take into account as you head into this next area, and each wave becomes progressively more difficult, Find Lucas opens up more room in the Find Lucas.

The most effective thing to do in this section is make your way up the steps that you entered from. Set up here with Find Lucas shotgun ready, and take out the molded as they stream up. Use your RAMRODs on any white molded that appear there Find Lucas one per waveand wait until the final wave, when two fat molded appear.

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Once the encounter is done, Lucas will make another call in, and then activate a Find Lucas countdown that tasks you with escaping the shield machine. Head through the following area to reach a hallway inside of the Research Facility.

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Ignore them for now. Instead, follow the path down the main corridor instead.

There Find Lucas a set of blue double doors to the side here. You can head inside, and through a set of doors to the left to enter a padded room with two white molded.

Head back out of the padded room and into the main corridor. Follow it up to find a molded laying on a gurney. Go Find Lucas Flnd kill it before it can awaken, and then grab the supplies and File poking out of Find Lucas locker just around the corner.

Make your way inside the door, and locate the switch on the Find Lucas. You can interact with this switch to trigger the power, and allow the door to the room that Lucas is in to be unlocked.

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Flip the switch and then head outside to trigger a bit of dialogue, causing Lucas to run away. Head inside the room after him, and make use Find Lucas the Tape Recorder on the table.

Learn how to Luas the Clown Key and survive the laser puzzle in Resident Evil 7: Prepare for the Deathtrap Having removed the bomb from his wrist, Redfield receives intel that Lucas is hiding somewhere behind the Shield Machine located in the Central Find Lucas. Escape the Deathtrap There are three total waves to Find Lucas into account as Find Lucas head into this next area, and each wave becomes progressively more difficult, and opens up more room in the area.

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